Molecular detection of E. coli in water

AquatiqPCR-E 30-004 (24 samples)
A singleplex assay for the detection of E. coli spp. in water


  • Sensitive (down to single CFU/sample)
  • Specific (detects only E. coli spp. and Shigella)
  • Fast – unequivocal results within 3hrs. (Instead of 24-48hrs.)

AquatiqPCR-E: Assay sensitivity
Detection of E. coli in drinking water using Genaphora’s AquatiqPCR-E kit.
The L.O.D of AquatiqPCR-E is as low as 1-2 CFU of E. coli per tube and meets the regulatory requirements. Culture enrichment process ensures the detection of living E. coli and Shigella.

AquatiqPCR-E: Assay specificity
Genaphora’s AquatiqPCR-E is specific for E. coli and Shigella spp only.
AquatiqPCR-E was tested against several Coliforms and other closely related bacteria to E. coli and was found to be specific only to E. coli and Shigella (a closely related pathogenic species which can be separated only by discriminating test).

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