PUB – Singapore’s national water agency

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PUB and Genaphora signed on a collaboration agreement to co-develop a super-sensitive Real-Time amplification assay (qPCR) for the detection of water pathogens.

The first milestone in the agreement is to validate the AquatiqPCR-E.coli for molecular detection of E. coli in source and drinking water. With the successful completion of phase I, Genaphora will focus on its major milestone to develop a diagnostic kit for the detection of a set of opportunistic pathogens in water. The company will use its bioinformatics design and multiplex qPCR detection system for simultaneous identification of these pathogens in water.

The project initiation was led by Mr. Booky Oren Global Water Technologies (BOGWT). BOGWT is a water agency oriented company that leverages Booky Oren’s vast experience. The company implements a unique comprehensive process with water agencies, which is intended to overcome the specific key challenges of each agency in the domains of water, wastewater and additional organizational needs.

As the national water agency of Singapore, PUB is responsible for the water supply, sewerage and drainage functions in Singapore. It manages the entire water cycle, from rainwater collection to the purification and supply of drinking water, to the treatment of used water and its reclamation into NEWater, Singapore’s own brand of high-grade reclaimed waterAs part of its role, PUB is committed to supplying high quality drinking water for its 5.5 million population. It has a comprehensive robust sampling and monitoring programme from source to tap to ensure that water supplied is safe for drinking without filtration.



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Genaphora established a strategic partnership with Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, via WaTech. In addition to investing in the company this partnership will aid Genaphora to penetrate its initial target market of water testing.

(WaTech, the Entrepreneurship & Partnership Center for Water Technologies is a program which supports new innovative water technologies solutions relevant to the daily operation of Mekorot, Israel’s national water company).



Genaphora is actively seeking collaborations with potential partners to leverage its core capabilities in computational biology and assay design. Genaphora expect to combine forces with its partners to bring innovative and cutting edge products to emerging markets. For more information please contact